Submit your national non-domestic rates (NNDR) claims (for academies)

New claims for 2022 to 2023

From April 2022, some academies no longer need to claim NNDR as your billing authority may claim on your behalf.

Check whether you still need to submit your own NNDR claim.

Adjustments for previous years

All academies and trusts can use this form to adjust previously paid claims for the following financial years:

  • 2021 to 2022
  • 2020 to 2021
  • 2019 to 2020
  • 2018 to 2019
  • 2017 to 2018

Claim adjustments for historical years must be submitted by 31 January 2023.

Help and support

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Before you start

This service is for academies and trusts.

Read the academies national non-domestic rates (NNDR) claim guidance to help you prepare your claim.

To claim, you will need:

A digital PDF copy of the NNDR bills for the years you wish to adjust

The bill should show a deduction of mandatory relief. If your bill does not show a deduction of mandatory relief, then you must obtain a new bill from the billing authority.

DfE Sign-in

You need to have an account with the DfE sign-in service. If you haven’t used DfE sign-in before you’ll need to create a DfE Sign-in account.

You will also need to have your DfE sign-in credentials.

Once you have started the form you must complete it in a single session. If you are inactive for more than 60 minutes, then you will have to start the process again.